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SAP Customer Checkout covers all common Point of Sale requirements, from sales to discount campaigns. The latest sales figures are always available for detailed analyses, reports and forecasts. Based on detailed customer data, you can boost your sales with targeted measures.

SAP Customer Checkout POS

Give your sales staff the point-of-sale (POS) functionality they need to excel. Designed for small and midsized businesses with up to 200 terminals, SAP
Customer Checkout software supports all common retail POS requirements
payments, loyalty management, sales analytics, and more. Use as a standalone solution or integrate with our ERP software for even more options.



Loyalty management

Start loyalty programs, manage coupons and vouchers, and update customer profiles with personalized sales data – directly from your POS system.


Real-time reporting

Integrate with an SAP ERP solution to transmit transactions directly to your warehouse management and accounting applications – for same-day analysis.


Fan and article management

Manage customer profiles so you always know who you are dealing with. In contrast to all other solutions on the market, article management is tightly integrated with SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign – making ramp up and operations much easier.


Checkout processing and payments

From article selection to discounts and tax deduction, our checkout software covers all point-of-sale requirements. Deploy the Web-based interface on professional terminals, PCs, or tablet PCs – and let employees work online or offline. Support a variety of payment methods, including cash and credit card payments, gift cards, and vouchers.


Central overview of sales data

With ERP integration, you get a real-time IT system that combines information from outlets with supply chain management. This lets you put new items on sale, evaluate your POS data at any time, and know exactly how much inventory to order and which products are particularly profitable.

Why SAP Customer Checkout?

Because the software offers world-class POS functionality packaged and priced for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs). Support merchandise sales and returns, daily accounting, discount and voucher management, all forms of payments, loyalty programs, and more. With SAP Customer Checkout, you can: 

  • Give store associates an easy-to-use POS system that can process payments at stationary registers or handheld tablets
  • Analyze POS data in real time and generate up-to-the-minute reports
  • Integrate special offers, discounts, loyalty cards, and mobile apps with your POS system
  • Access POS data anytime and anywhere – even if your Internet connection goes down
  • Easily link cash register data with an SAP ERP system, such as SAP Business One, to extend functionality


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